Response is the Ultimate Goal of Communication

In our daily life activities,communication is always there. As stated,communication is a common phenomenon that cuts across the daily activities of human being. As food and water are very important to man’s survival so is communication. It emphasizes that communication is essential to humans in order to continue and to endure.Obilade (1989) defines communication as a process that involves the transmission of message from a sender to the receiver. It is the way of sharing ideas and thought to each other.In other words, communication is about the  stimulus and the response.

So for us to be able to understand the nature of communication, we must first know the difference of stimulus from response.Communication begins from the stimulus who first initiate a topic to the receiver who decodes, encodes, interprets and formulates the message and then the receiver responds and tells the message to it. It is said that response is the ultimate goal of communication because it is the only thing we wanted to receive when we talk of something to other people. It is the reply of the receiver to the message received, in form of feedback. Once the stimulus delivers his/her message to the receiver,the receiver triggers to respond,either it is a negative or a positive feedback, because he/she heard and understood what the speaker have said.For instance, a girl is telling a story to her friends about her boyfriend’s break up. Her friends listen to her as she speaks about that matter. The girl said while crying: ” Jerome broke up with me.”So as a response,her friends will comfort her and ask about what happened. One of her friends said: ” But why did he broke up with you? Is there any reason? Tell me what happened.”This implies that what the  girl have said catch up the attention of her friends. On the other hand,her friend easily grasped what she have said and then her friend thought of questions about what happened. In that conversation between a girl and her friend, communication already took place because the girl received a reply or a response from her friend. In this  situation, the girl opened up her problem to her friend because she wanted to  feel comfortable and to eliminate her griefs and sadness. The desire of the girl was achieved when her friend responded to it that’s why response is the ultimate purpose of communication.

To have an effective communication, there must be a sender that will speak or initiate a certain topic going to the receiver who will understand and interpret the message received. It is true that response is the ultimate goal of communication because communication will only exists if there is a response.


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